Our Future Good

A near future science fiction novel

Our Future Good - A near future science fiction novel


Our Future Good by TJ Kirby
ISBN 978-0-89496-121-2 (pbk)
ISBN 978-0-89496-122-9 (eBook)
ISBN 978-0-89496-075-8 (audio book)
Our Future Good takes place in the near future.This adventure story tells you where our technology is headed and what new challenges we will soon be forced to face.Mary and Joe are young people just graduating from their General Lessons. It is time for them to go to their first Project Day to choose the first Project they will join. Mary wants desperately to get her boyfriend Joe to join her in the NutriSuit Project but Joe wants to do a Journalist Project because a major event is happening and Joe has a rare opportunity to play an important role but he must act now.

There is a space colony with their own space station called L5Pilgrim that is trying to break away from the established ISS (International Space Station) command and form their own weightless community. There is a fierce objection to this by the ISS Kindle - Our_Future_Good.

Things are so bad that people in power at ISS are meeting to approve an invasion of L5Pilgrim so they can return it to normal. Some of the leaders at ISS who are against the L5Pilgrim colony have their own evil desires for use of the rebellious space station.

Both Joe and Mary quickly accept the challenge of getting into the rebel community to report on what is happening in an effort to see if they can help end the conflict peacefully since the invasion is imminent and lives are at stake.

This is a story or their adventure and what eventually happens.

Throughout the story a picture is painted of our life on earth and in space in the not too distant future. How homes are designed, how robots  evolve into WorkerBots and FixItBots, life in space with AstroSuits and many of other things are described. Also described are the unavoidable major new challenges we will have to face with our advancing technology.

What happens in this exciting story and what finally results will surprise you.

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